You Matter

You were put here for a reason, don’t give up on the journey. Even when everything seems to fall around you, your weaknesses will bring out Gods strength!! Shine his light through your words and actions and watch as you change the world! Ill always believe in you!!

Spend Time With Family

Yesterday I was spending time with friends helping them clean up their new house so they could move into it. That’s when I got the first call, it was my mom and she told me that my aunt who has been fighting cancer just went into a coma and they expected her to live only three more days.  That hit me hard, she had wanted me to visit her for a long time so we could take a train down to Chicago and spend the day taking photos of the scenery (she was a very good photographer) and I was excited to do that with her.  I kept pushing it to “someday soon” because of work and how I kept feeling like I had to work to get money to pay the bills and such.  Well, when I found out she had three days left it finally hit me that that “someday soon” would never come. The biggest regret of my life to this point I think is that I never took the time to go do that with her, because she was so excited to do it as well with “her boy” (as she called me).  I decided to drive home earlier than I was expecting and I cried the whole way home, which I understand isn’t safe to drive while you’re crying, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my aunt.  Luckily, God was helping me get home because I did speed a lot on my way there.  Well, my mom called and told me to call her back when I got home and when I was close I called, my dad told me I could come over and play some games with him and eat some food there, and so I did and when I walked in the door, my dad gave me the news.  My aunt had passed away.

The thing that gives me some peace is that while I was down at my friends house, him and his wife prayed over me and prayed that she would go peacefully, I feel that since those three days didn’t last and that she did go sooner…that the peacefully prayer was answered.  No more pain, and I prayed I’d get to see her again someday in Heaven.

I’d wish for that to be a “someday soon” but I realize that we have two choices on this Earth, to do nothing or to do something. We could do nothing and just cry and grieve over our lost ones, and they could die and we could go on with our lives. Or we could do something and grieve over our lost ones but do something about it, live differently and allow them to continue to live through our actions and words.  We can become more loving, more forgiving, spend more time with family, friends, etc.  I hope to do something….and who knows, maybe I’ll still make it down to Chicago with my uncle and we can honor the memory of my aunt through our pictures.

Don’t let work control you, spend time with those you love because “someday soon” may come sooner than you think and your time with those you love could be lost.  She is gone, but never ever forgotten.

thank you and God bless….

The Mind

I’m sure you already know the power of the mind. You could be in the worst possible day and with the simple “resetting the mindset” you’re the happiest person in the world. I find at work, I need to reset my mindset constantly.  Being a custodian often feels like being the scum on the bottom of the bucket and being a part-time custodians like being bacteria on that scum… But with the depression comes happiness and with that happiness you can shine even brighter.  I hope to move on someday to a “dream job” where I’ll make enough money to live comfortably and donate a large portion of it.  For now though, there are days when being a part-time custodian is a dream job, here are a few reasons why: you get to serve others, the money isn’t horrible, the hours are flexible, you get to help people be happier, you learn to listen and humble yourself.  I’m known as “the guy that can make things happen” which means I’m able to make a lot of people happy and feel appreciated.  They know they don’t need to fill out paperwork or wait for months when they come to me because I do everything in my power to help them ASAP.  Some people annoy and anger me to the point my blood is boiling, but if I reset my mind back to the reason I’m there in the first place, I’m as happy as a monkey eating bananas 😀 .  More than anything else in life, I want to glorify God and be Christ-like in my words and actions…Christ humbled himself to being a servant instead of a king, he made himself like us (except sinless) and so when I’m able to serve, I feel like he can work his strongest through me.

If you work at a place with custodians, you probably do, thank them! Even a simple smile can change their day! Thank you and may you always shine your light… 🔥🌟🌞⭐️🌠🎆🌄🌅🌇 (I ran out of light emojis haha)

Believers Voyage

The world is a crazy place, sometimes we can even feel like it’s crashing down all around us right? We start to think that the world takes on a human persona and is out to get us… Hang in there though! The struggles can often be blessings in disguise. At Believers Voyage, I want to help be that shining light at the end of the tunnel. If you need help, let me know… Perhaps I can help you see the blessing…

On another note, I’m not so sure switching out this blog was the best idea, so I might go back. What’s the sense of paying for a blog you don’t write on. Truth is, I don’t know what to use this blog for. All I know is that in life, I want to help people. If you have any ideas on how I can do that, please share, sharing is caring! 🐝😃

True Happiness

True happiness comes from doing one good deed after another without expecting anything in return but a smile.  It’s humbling yourself to serve others with no strings attached, even if you feel like they don’t deserve it. Pay it forward, be the first to plant the seed and then enjoy as you watch it grow into something breathtakingly beautiful! You were put on this earth for a reason, don’t wait for someone else to start something, start it yourself!!

Be Happy

Sending this post via email, hope it works! There’s not a lot for me to talk about. Realize I’m spending money on blog I don’t write on daily so ideas and actions will have to be taken for that. Hope you are happy and blessed! Don’t forget to smile and remember that someone cares about you!!

Faith can be challenging

Faith is extremely challenging sometimes. Whether it’s pure lack of excitement to get into the word or laziness, the faith you try to grow in seems to plateau or slope downward. I read an interesting article about the “done with church” generation, where longstanding church members who are very connected, help run bible studies, and give regularly are all dropping out. Are you in that boat and why?

New year, blank slate

The thing I love most about the new year is that I feel it’s a blank slate to begin new and improve upon yourself. Clean your side of the street as far as having to ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged and move forward with life. As Christians, we are called to live as Christ did and it’s one of those “easier said than done” tasks. I challenge you to strive towards that goal this year and take me along for the ride so I can help encourage you as you encourage me. May your New Years be blessed abundantly and may you always shine your lights radiantly for His glory.

Love the Unlovable….

There will be people that you feel like you can not love, the people that treat you horribly, rude, unrespectful, etc. You could meet grumpy people who hurt you with words, but think about the problems they may be having in their own lives, think about the troubles in their lives and how you can help them become happier people.  I’m not saying if someone is abusive to you, continue to stay with them and love them, get out of there and tell someone that you’ve been abused, but pray for those people still…. I’ve never had that happen to me, so I can’t tell you I know how that feels.

You can change the world with a simple smile and a hug!!

Matthew 7:3-5 | Speck vs. Log

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (NIV)

If everyone who reads this verse has a log in their eyes, every brother (or sister I think it’s safe to add) wouldn’t that mean there were no real specks in eyes at all but just logs.  I wonder how many meanings we can come up with for this verse, but if I’m correct it is talking about the problems in our lives.  Don’t go out and judge someone for spending money unwisely if you spend unwisely, don’t tell your brother that they are saying stupid things when you know you yourself say stupid things, etc. First take care of your problems, or “clean your side of the street” first and than go and help your brother/sister clean their side of the street in a way that doesn’t belittle them but lifts them up.  I struggle with this every single day with a guy at work, he just does some things that I see as stupid and I constantly get on him about it, and I know I’m the same exact way and make the same exact mistakes, if not now I have in the past and so part of me whispers in my ear, “you’re just trying to help him not make the same mistake you made” but he’s human…..he’s going to make the same mistakes I make and that’s part of growing.  If you baby a person too much, they are never going to grow and learn how to live for themselves.  Parents do this kind of thing all the time, but a child will only learn if he is left to make mistakes himself and hopefully learn from them. Sometimes it’s a gamble because the kid will never learn and continue to mess up time and time again, but sometimes he does learn and he becomes all the stronger because of it.

"Don't forget to smile!"