Holy Cheesecakes!!!

I know what you’re probably thinking if you follow this blog, you’re probably thinking “Holy Cheesecakes!!” This guy is finally writing some posts again, and I want to say I’m doing it for you. I’m sorry and I think you deserve a blog that’s going to post more.. It probably won’t be posts about just Guatemala or some awe inspiring thoughts I have, it could be 100% random and out of this world. But, we’ll get through it together and we’ll enjoy each others company for this little bit of time! You’re going to love the world I open up and I’m going to love hearing from you, if you so choose to participate. I also say “Holy Cheesecakes” instead of swearing sometimes, or “Hot dogs in the summer sun!” or “Son of a Dixie Cup!”. You’ll find I am a unique individual, that’s what my mother says at least! 🙂 Don’t forget to shine bright and don’t forget to smile!


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