Welcome to Believers Voyage!


I picked the name Believers Voyage because of a bible study I ran during High School and I probably thought it up back then because we were believers literally on a voyage through the bible and learning what this whole faith thing was about.


The blog has become more of a Guatemalan Adventure blog than anything else. In 2014, my dad brought up the opportunity to go down to Guatemala with his rotary group and work with an organization called Common Hope. After that trip, I’ve been hooked and have been back two more times. I am on the two year plan, which means I go back every two years. In between the Guatemalan posts, I’ll try keeping you posted on other things the ministry funds are going towards. ** I’ll also try to put updates on my ministry up here as well if I do other ministry related things throughout the year **


My name is Matt, I grew up in Wisconsin and began my relationship with Jesus my sophomore year of college.  Ever since that time, I’ve wanted to change the world for the better.  I won a few “50/50 Raffles” in my last year of college and created “The Ministry Fund”.  Since than, I’ve been working hard at doing everything imaginable to make money to grow that fund and use it to help others.  Outside of the funds of that ministry, I’ve sponsored two kids, one from Ecuador (through World Vision) and one from Guatemala (through Compassion). My newest sponsor may be actually funded from outside the fund as well.  My second sponsored child is from Guatemala and I sponsor him with my parents through Common Hope, he is 100% (on my side) sponsored out of my Ministry Fund.  I also do a little random act of kindness giving at the High School level through an alter ego called “The Cheerful Giver” where the money from the fund goes towards some of that.


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