Welcome to Believers Voyage! I picked the name Believers Voyage because of a bible study I ran during High School and I probably thought it up back then because we were believers literally on a voyage through the bible and learning what this whole faith this was about.  If I could redo the name now, I might have chosen a different name.  There have been other ideas that popped into my head throughout my time of having this blog.  One was to transition it completely over to being a blog for my youtube show, which honestly that wouldn’t have lasted either because that show has kinda gone by the wayside as I’ve gotten more busy through work and life.  This is going to be a great 2017!!!

I want to help you SHINE brighter in your every day lives. I want to inspire you and make you realize how wonderfully amazing you are as a person!!


God bless and Don’t forget to smile



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"Don't forget to smile!"

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