I Apologize

I’m sorry for not posting anything on here for those who pay attention to this still. I can’t say I’ve been too busy because I have this as an app on my phone that I could post from. Obviously, COVID has been a bit of a journey in itself, I enjoyed time with family, time with myself and if retirement is anything like that time, I will enjoy it!! Since then though, I have still been working part-time at a furniture store cleaning up, full-time at the school cleaning as a custodian (FYI, remember October 2nd is Custodian Appreciation Day) and, during summers, being a running camp instructor through Park and Recreation. I’ve been busy making a living, we have been probably on a number of family vacations since my last post and our last one had an indoor pool. If you follow my YouTube page you’d see a walkthrough of that. I just accepted a new job shift from 1-9:30pm which is a difficult change. It’s first two hours are cleaning the cafeteria and kitchen which I always go 100% at, but it tires me out. PLUS I have a new bigger area to complete and still have to do set ups and tear downs. I’ve been getting faster at getting my area done though so I think I’ll survive! I am going BACK to Guatemala this next February (we missed it this last year due to Covid still) and I’m going with my brother this time!! That’ll be a blast I think! If you have a charity that is close to your heart, please leave me a comment with it and I’ll check it out and maybe donate some money to it. God bless and shine bright!!


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