Steinhafel’s School Supply Drive

One reason why I love working at Steinhafels so much is their giving nature. Throughout the year we have opportunities to give supplies, money, or time too.  The latest opportunity was a school supply and we had a huge amount of success for this. They raised a bunch (in the 100’s of dollars) for school supplies and packed probably 30-40 bags of supplies for kids who need them.  I used around $400 from my ministry fund to go towards supplies for this.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me grow my ministry fund and giving me the ability to help like this.


Towards the end of last year, my aunt had passed away due to a disease called “HHT” (learn more about this from and so our family has been busy getting checked out ourselves (it’s hereditary).  It’s depressing for me because of the fact that this thing that we learned we could have within us could possibly kill us in a moments notice.


I took on ordering supplies and doing the schedule at my part-time job, luckily we have a new lead to do the ordering supplies, but I’ve continued doing the scheduling.  Since the company is pulling the purse strings tighter, we have been cut in hours across the board for Hospitality, so I’ve cut myself back to 4 hours a week. This is good in one instance because it allows me to keep my apartment clean, do more videos for my youtube show and maybe even post on here more often.


I switched back to my alma mater for my full-time job and it’s been hard going as good as I used to as a part-timer.  But I’m still kicking!!