New Year! 

We made it another year! I like to think of it as a blank slate! What are some goals you have for this year?


Blending in or Standing out

You can choose to blend in or stand out….
What do I mean by this? I mean that the world is getting stranger and stranger by the day.  You can blend in to the world and the negativity that is taking control of it, or you can stand out as a light in the darkness and shine some positivity into the world.  Imagine if you woke up every day and did at least one positive act to change the world for the better.  Pretty soon I think you’ll see the fruit, more people will smile, laugh, and all you’ll have to do is walk into the room and it’ll become a happier place!  What a place this would be!!  I challenge you to stand out and shine and see as the darkness around you starts to turn to a brilliant light.
God bless and shine bright!

"Don't forget to smile!"