Create Your Own Happiness

The world is a crazy place and I often find myself complaining about things at work and how we aren’t getting the help we need, which leads me to get more and more bitter. I can vent all I want and nothing will change and after venting for a few weeks, I realized I was getting out of hand and needed to change. So, I decided to just be happy with what I had, instead of focusing on what I don’t have and it has helped. I wrote down in my closet at my job ” Look for the positives in every situation” which is another good reminder for me to look for the positives instead of always focusing on the negatives, because every situation you have in your entire lives has a negative side to it. I would almost guarantee that to be true, even though I can’t promise it now. So, when you wake up the morning, choose to create your own happiness out of the situations that may come your way that day. I’ve found it helps so far in my life and I’ve been much happier in the days since I decided to make the change, and some of the situations are getting slightly better as well. Also, searching out the positive people to put into your life will help tremendously too if you haven’t done that already, the more positive people in your life the better your life will be in the long run. Take it from me, it only helps!!

The Greatest Gift of all

I believe the greatest gift of all you can give to someone is forgiveness. It’s easier to talk about it than it is to actually do it, especially if the thing that the person did was horrible. I would like to believe that if you were able to forgive someone and truly forgive them and forget about whatever it was that they did to you, that you would live a more free and burdenless life. There are small things I should be able to forgive for, but it’s difficult to do so. I am working on those things right now in my life, but because I just say I forgive someone the burdens are still heavy on me and I can literally feel thing piling up on my shoulders. If we can learn to forgive and forget, I believe this world would be a much much better place to live. If you are able, why not try walking down that path and see where it leads you, try forgiving just one person to start off, and see where it goes. If it works and you find out that it really is freeing, then forgive another and than another. You can get all the money in the world, all the power in the world, and anything else you look at as being worth living for…but if you have unforgiveness on your heart, those things will either continue destroying you or won’t fill that hole.

God bless.

Help Me Change The World one Step at a Time!


I did this Walk For Hope last year and I’m doing it again to raise funds for Common Hope, check out my fundraising page or for more information on the organization, but they are helping Guatemalans get a quality education, something that they are succeeding at in a very very large way. I’m aiming for raising 2000.00 at a minimum this year, but I could use all the help I could get. Thank you VERY much ahead of time if you feel inclined to donate or else if you could share my page on your social media and with your friends/family, that would be very helpful as well!

Thanks for joining me as I attempt to change the world, one person at a time…

One Dream.

I have one dream that stands above the rest of them. It is to have an overflowing funeral with people I have helped in one way or another. I hope some have come to know Jesus from my life, but as my life is going right now, I’m assuming that won’t happen sadly. I want there to be a celebration after a short sadness that might come from me not being alive anymore. I used to suffer from depression and in reality, I feel like I still have some of that depression still in me, because I really don’t think I have that much time left on this Earth. I try to make every moment count, but I fail more times than I care to think about. There’s so much negativity that is spread throughout our world, I’m sure there’s positive things that happen, but of course you never hear about any of that. It’s such a sad, sad world we live in.

There are some songs that fire me up, some songs that make me feel like I have wings again and that I can conquer the world. I wonder if anyone else has songs like that in their lives, I’m sure you do. I so badly want to change the world, and yet I keep doing stupid things that prevent me from succeeding at this task. My selfishness continues to hinder me in creating a better world, a more vibrant world of hope and love. When I was in middle school there were a few people I would call “Earth Angels” because they seemed to have such a positive impact on me during some of my dark moments. I think there are “Earth Angels” everywhere, but we never take the time to point them out when we see them, point out those people who are truly changing the world for the better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are reading this, comment below/email me/tweet me or whatever stories about these type of people in your own life. I would love to add them in this blog and let their stories be known.

One Dream. If my life doesn’t make it to much longer, I hope others will continue my dream, continue to get up and dust themselves off to become a better version of who they are and create a better world. We have it within each of us to do amazing things, we just need to believe.

Thank you and God bless.


This world is going from bad to worse, the people have forgotten how to love, how to create peace and spread hope. Instead we find that hatred, greed, violence have grown more abundant and started overflowing. I really had hoped that we would come out of this pandemic closer, but the opposite has happened. May God bless us all…

You Matter.

I don’t write on this blog as much as I would like or as much as I maybe used to do. I want to remind you that you matter and that you are an awesome person. I hope that you are using your life to spread positive change instead of adding to all the negativity that surrounds us today. I feel like we are heading farther and farther into darkness instead of searching for the light. I’ve been cleaning my apartment lately and so hopefully more posts will come from my old writing notebooks and such. Keep your head held high and don’t forget that you can fly to the greatest of heights if you focus on the light…God bless…. just a quick note this time…

“I’m Living The Dream”

I say this to everyone who asks how I’m doing. Some say it’s fake and I’m a liar. In some respects, they are right, I’m not always living the dream. But that’s only if you look at it one way… is my dream to clean toilets and pick up trash from others and feel like I’ve wasted my life? Not really. But because of the work I chose, I get to accomplish some dreams. Personally, I get to have shelter, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, luxuries like tv/tablets/phones/etc., streaming services, this blog, etc. Other exciting things are the fact that I get to have a ministry that one of my part-time jobs feeds into and I get to give money to things that I care about and that are changing lives. I get to sponsor four kids who I hope will live better lives because the help I’m able to give them. That is the greatest dream. One of my biggest goals in life is to have an overflowing funeral with people that I have helped in one way or another. I am not a good person, I have my own demons I’m fighting day in and day out. I make mistakes, I do stupid things. I do hope that I can do some things though that will make a positive change in the world and I don’t want to just be wasting breathe and waste this life or taking up space in this world that someone better could take. I am grateful for what I have, but I am happiest when I get to spend my money on others. I am selfish though and find myself buying junk I really don’t need but get anyways. What’s your dream? Are you living it? How are you living it?

Someday maybe people will see me and it’ll point them to Christ. They’ll wonder how I can be so happy and find out that it’s because of my faith in God and they’ll want that as well…. It’s a dream, we’ll see at the end if it happened or not.

God bless.

Create A Positive Atmosphere

This is not the easiest thing to do, it is sometimes the hardest thing in the world to accomplish. But if you wake up every day and decide to have a great day, and find the positive in everything that comes up. If you work hard at creating a positive atmosphere, wherever you work, you will find fruit and a new life inside of that. This will create a life of happiness and you will truly live the dream. The greatest power of positivity, is the fact that it can spread like wildfire. One spark can change the course of the day, week, month, year forever. It’s been a blessing to be apart of this and to see it play out in my own life. When I walk into a room, I am greeted with a happiness and excitement, some people actually search me out for my joke of the day and positivity. We could choose to get angry, fight, and be negative…. or we can choose to fight the negativity in the world with positivity and show that the world can change for the better and the world can be changed forever to make it better for our future generations that we hand this world off too.

God Bless!