Way To Go

Thanks for doing whatever it is that you do! I enjoy being appreciated just like the rest of us I think. It’s nice to receive notes and see smiles on peoples faces! I hope you feel appreciated for whatever it is that you do and continue to shine bright in the darkness!!

Holy Cheesecakes!!!

I know what you’re probably thinking if you follow this blog, you’re probably thinking “Holy Cheesecakes!!” This guy is finally writing some posts again, and I want to say I’m doing it for you. I’m sorry and I think you deserve a blog that’s going to post more.. It probably won’t be posts about just Guatemala or some awe inspiring thoughts I have, it could be 100% random and out of this world. But, we’ll get through it together and we’ll enjoy each others company for this little bit of time! You’re going to love the world I open up and I’m going to love hearing from you, if you so choose to participate. I also say “Holy Cheesecakes” instead of swearing sometimes, or “Hot dogs in the summer sun!” or “Son of a Dixie Cup!”. You’ll find I am a unique individual, that’s what my mother says at least! 🙂 Don’t forget to shine bright and don’t forget to smile!


Holy Moments

There’s a book I just read that’s called Holy Moments, although the book was unnecessary for something that could’ve been written in a blog post or an article, the idea behind it is great. Holy Moments are actually just what the rest of the world calls “Random Acts of Kindness” and let’s be honest with each other, acts of kindness would be awesome to throw out there and see what happens. You could literally change someone’s entire life with a simple smile. Go a step further and you could hold the door open for someone. The book talks about there always being “holy moments” you could take part of everywhere you go, and that’s true. Take some time today to act kindly to someone and see where it leads. Comment below if you wish or figure out another way to let me know, but it would be interesting to see what people do. I do the simple things like holding doors open, letting a car into my lane, or simply smile. As much as I think the book was a drag, it was a quick read and if you’re interested in reading, you should give it a read. But you have been warned, it’s repetitive and he does like to boast a bit about his life. Do something kind and watch the kindness grow…there’s still hope people, there has to be.

I’m Weird

Most people I feel like do what they can to fit in and not stand out in the crowd. They try to be cool and popular… I’ll be honest, I tried this approach once too. It didn’t work. So, I am who I am and the way I figure it, if you don’t like the way I am, that’s your loss not mine. During my reviews at my job now, I am always told they wished I could act more professional and I tell them straight out, it’s not going to happen. I’d rather have fun at work and last time I tried “acting professional”, I turned into a very bitter person. Instead, I smile and I sing out loud and don’t really care who hears me. I’m a full-time custodian at a High School and when I’m singing, the guy who works with me will often tell me that a kid would look at me and smile or look at me weird…I just don’t care. I will sing to my hearts content and then, when I’m out of breath, I’ll sing some more. I make up most of my songs about my co-worker because quite honestly I don’t know the words to real songs haha. It’s an awesome life and I love to do it, and this year more kids are smiling at me and saying hi instead of pretending they don’t see me, so you’re welcome to all custodians for giving us a face. I’m weird and I don’t plan on changing….

Ugly Rug

I work at a furniture store and I hang out with the people that set up displays in the store a lot. They often talk about how ugly a rug may look and ask me what I think. They asked me again about a rug on Tuesday and it brought up some thoughts in my head because I know that they could probably get it pulled and never shown on the floor again. There’s people out there who see things in life and say “That’s ugly”, no matter what that “thing” may be. The truth is though, someone could come into the store, see that “ugly rug” and be moved to tears. It could bring up a memory of their grandma’s or parents who maybe had the same sort of rug in their houses growing up and that memory could lead to more memories of their loved ones and so on. It doesn’t matter what we think, it could be ugly in our eyes but absolutely beautiful in someone else’s eyes. I hope to find the beauty in more things from now on…

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift we have to give is our time. We can do so much good in this world if we just stopped and gave some time to help someone in need. Even just saying hello or smiling at someone could do a world of change. I am a full-time custodian at a High School and I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a smile every once in a while or have a kid say hello to me in the hallway. This year I’ve even had kids help clean up the bleachers with me for a while after a football game which is amazingly awesome.

It seems like when you look around today you see hatred, violence and greed. I hope someone will read this, pass it along and we can finally see some happiness and giving going on in this world. I’m getting so tired of watching political ads about how rotten people are, just be nice. It’s not that difficult and it’s usually free.

I Apologize

I’m sorry for not posting anything on here for those who pay attention to this still. I can’t say I’ve been too busy because I have this as an app on my phone that I could post from. Obviously, COVID has been a bit of a journey in itself, I enjoyed time with family, time with myself and if retirement is anything like that time, I will enjoy it!! Since then though, I have still been working part-time at a furniture store cleaning up, full-time at the school cleaning as a custodian (FYI, remember October 2nd is Custodian Appreciation Day) and, during summers, being a running camp instructor through Park and Recreation. I’ve been busy making a living, we have been probably on a number of family vacations since my last post and our last one had an indoor pool. If you follow my YouTube page you’d see a walkthrough of that. I just accepted a new job shift from 1-9:30pm which is a difficult change. It’s first two hours are cleaning the cafeteria and kitchen which I always go 100% at, but it tires me out. PLUS I have a new bigger area to complete and still have to do set ups and tear downs. I’ve been getting faster at getting my area done though so I think I’ll survive! I am going BACK to Guatemala this next February (we missed it this last year due to Covid still) and I’m going with my brother this time!! That’ll be a blast I think! If you have a charity that is close to your heart, please leave me a comment with it and I’ll check it out and maybe donate some money to it. God bless and shine bright!!

Happy New Years!

I can’t believe we made it! The world tries to throw so much into our paths to try and stop us but we keep moving forward! I pray that you are safe and healthy. I pray your family and friends are still with us and I am terribly sorry if we have lost anyone these last few years due to the virus, but also due to any circumstance. I have been blessed to keep getting paid from both my jobs, stay healthy and been considered an essential worker. 2020 was a hard year, we spent a lot of time cooped up and learning a new way of life. The world went crazy over a few events as well that caused us to scatter in every direction. Happy 2022 and here’s to a year of positivity and radiating our lights. See ya later!!

Create Your Own Happiness

The world is a crazy place and I often find myself complaining about things at work and how we aren’t getting the help we need, which leads me to get more and more bitter. I can vent all I want and nothing will change and after venting for a few weeks, I realized I was getting out of hand and needed to change. So, I decided to just be happy with what I had, instead of focusing on what I don’t have and it has helped. I wrote down in my closet at my job ” Look for the positives in every situation” which is another good reminder for me to look for the positives instead of always focusing on the negatives, because every situation you have in your entire lives has a negative side to it. I would almost guarantee that to be true, even though I can’t promise it now. So, when you wake up the morning, choose to create your own happiness out of the situations that may come your way that day. I’ve found it helps so far in my life and I’ve been much happier in the days since I decided to make the change, and some of the situations are getting slightly better as well. Also, searching out the positive people to put into your life will help tremendously too if you haven’t done that already, the more positive people in your life the better your life will be in the long run. Take it from me, it only helps!!

The Greatest Gift of all

I believe the greatest gift of all you can give to someone is forgiveness. It’s easier to talk about it than it is to actually do it, especially if the thing that the person did was horrible. I would like to believe that if you were able to forgive someone and truly forgive them and forget about whatever it was that they did to you, that you would live a more free and burdenless life. There are small things I should be able to forgive for, but it’s difficult to do so. I am working on those things right now in my life, but because I just say I forgive someone the burdens are still heavy on me and I can literally feel thing piling up on my shoulders. If we can learn to forgive and forget, I believe this world would be a much much better place to live. If you are able, why not try walking down that path and see where it leads you, try forgiving just one person to start off, and see where it goes. If it works and you find out that it really is freeing, then forgive another and than another. You can get all the money in the world, all the power in the world, and anything else you look at as being worth living for…but if you have unforgiveness on your heart, those things will either continue destroying you or won’t fill that hole.

God bless.