The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift we have to give is our time. We can do so much good in this world if we just stopped and gave some time to help someone in need. Even just saying hello or smiling at someone could do a world of change. I am a full-time custodian at a High School and I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a smile every once in a while or have a kid say hello to me in the hallway. This year I’ve even had kids help clean up the bleachers with me for a while after a football game which is amazingly awesome.

It seems like when you look around today you see hatred, violence and greed. I hope someone will read this, pass it along and we can finally see some happiness and giving going on in this world. I’m getting so tired of watching political ads about how rotten people are, just be nice. It’s not that difficult and it’s usually free.


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