Movie Thoughts| Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker



I watched this movie yesterday with my dad and enjoyed it.  Some movies leave you with the sense of being able to conquer the world (usually the superhero ones do this for me), while other movies don’t really do any of that, but are good and have powerful meanings behind them if you really think about it.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one of those types that didn’t leave me wanting to conquer the world, but it was entertaining to watch and the more you think about it, the more you’d realize how profound of a movie it really is. It shows you that although you may have a bad past or that others may have “destined” you to do something, you are not held by those expectations.  You have the ability to create your own destiny, and in the world we live in I think that is extremely important to remember.  A lot of people might look at their lives and say “Well, I’m this way so I have to act this way” or “I was brought up with this as my surrounding, so I have to follow in those footsteps”.  In reality, we can be who we want to be, if you want to change the world, do it. No one is stopping you from doing amazingly extraordinary things with your life, except for yourself.  A lot of times that is where we get lost, we think we aren’t strong enough or aren’t capable of doing something, so we don’t even try.  We just sit back and let the world pass us by and don’t dare to dream of bigger dreams for ourselves.  This movie exemplifies that you can dare to dream big dreams and you can accomplish them.  Rey was “destined” to be on the dark side, and yet she dared to dream of a better life, and instead conquered the dark side, and she was willing to give up her own life to do it as well.  Ben was doing everything he could to be a major player on the dark side, but the world had different plans for him and he became a powerful helper for the Jedi force.  I know that last one kind of goes against what I’ve been writing about, but you’ll have to work with me on this one.  The world is going to tell you sometimes that you can’t do something and allow your fear to conquer any possibilities of good things happening, just like in the movie when they were losing all hope because the darkness was playing tricks on them, but than there’s that still small voice that tells you to keep hope alive, and when you listen to it, you realize you were never alone at all but you have had an enormous community of friends and family backing you every step of the way.  Create your dreams and follow your passions.  If you fail, so what.  If you fall down, so what. Get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.  You may get hit and take a few steps backward, but regain your strength and step foward again and again until you are living the dreams you have envisioned.


God bless and don’t forget to smile!!


If you have any success stories of you following your dreams, make sure you comment below or email me and let me know! I’d love to hear them!!




Positivity | My Thoughts 2020

I am a product of my surroundings, if my surroundings are negative than I’m usually pretty negative and the opposite is true as well.  But that doesn’t give me the right to blame others for how I am because as though that first sentence may be very true, it’s also true that I can affect my surroundings as I wish to do, if I want to be more positive, I can create a more positive atmosphere around me by telling jokes, making people smile and laugh and see the positives in life. That will in turn, create a more positive atmosphere within myself and the energy keeps growing and growing.  I started this school year by telling one or two people a joke of the day, now it has spread throughout my whole area and they come seeking the joke to give them something to smile about. The jokes are obviously pretty bad, but it’s the way I portray them, usually after telling a joke I will crack up myself and laugh hard, that creates that happiness that is contagious because a lot of the time the joke could be horrible but the others will laugh with me because I started it.  Don’t let the negativity of the world drag you down, instead shine YOUR light into the darkness and create positive moments that will spread like wildfire! God bless and thank you for all that you do!!

Change the World

It doesn’t matter where you are in life or how much money you have, you can change the world. Simply listening to someone or telling jokes and making people smile can create a positive change that can impact the world and allow the light to flood in! Go out and do something kind. If you need a joke, try this one: I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around.

Live the dream!!


I have just come back from my third trip to Guatemala. It was an exciting trip that had a few new faces added to the mix.  The stories we heard and the successes that the organization we help, Common Hope, down there are awe inspiring and life changing.  So what did we do down there?

We built a home, perhaps I should start saying shelter instead of house because most people’s views of a house I feel are like the ones you see in the States here, and this was nothing like that.  It was a four walled, two room shelter.  They upgraded it since last time we were down there with glass windows and a Plexiglas center in the roof to allow light in.  We poured a cement floor for them as well so they didn’t have to live on a dirt floor.  My personal contributions to the project were helping with the floor, putting the roof up and doing a small section of siding on one side.  This year we built the whole house from scratch, where usually the panels are largely created in the past and we just put the house together.

We went on social work visits, flies on the wall in the social work visits that the organization goes on numerous times a day.  We experienced how they go through a social work visit, got to ride chicken buses, and saw how different families live. Some live off a little better than others. But most people have dirt floors and metal walls/roofs.

We went to a school, four groups taught four classes how to do math activities. One group, my group, taught the kids how to play “spoons” which we turned into “pencils” because we didn’t have enough spoons to go around.  My particular group didn’t get it until I had one of our other vision team members come and help.  The two girls who ran this activity are seniors in High School and this was their first trip as part of a Vision Team! They were the greatest!! Another important part of the educational section of this visit was we learned a statistic that was something like there was a 16% graduation rate, than with 25 years of Common Hope, the rate raised to 35%.  But get this, just 5 years later and the rate went from 35% to 60%!!!!  This is incredibly awesome knowing that the families are realizing the importance of education in their lives and that they are sticking with it all the way to the end.  AND the communities around the ones that Common Hope is currently working with, are starting to COME to Common Hope and looking for help as well, which is a huge deal down there.  The word of mouth and the success they are having in the organization is spreading like wildfire and they are spreading out!!

We went to a coffee farm,  we learned all about the process of making coffee from an old Common Hope employee and he took us up a mountain to his patch of land where he grows his famous coffee.  We got to pick coffee for a while and it was dirty, tough work!  One of our trucks even got stuck for about an hour on the way back and it look pretty much a village to get us out! It was cool to see the Guatemalans come to help out their fellow worker and work together to fix the problem at hand.

We went on sponsorship visits, I got to personally meet our families sponsored child with my dad this year. He lives in a community known as San Rafael.  We got to go to his home and see his whole family (minus his dad who was out in the fields working).  He has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. He also had two younger sisters.  We played spanish bingo with him, gave him two books to read.  And after a very exciting visit, the mother was gracious enough to give us (my dad, myself, the social worker, and the translator) all bags of tomatoes, which was their livelihood.  She told our translator that they were the first crop of the year and that by giving us them, it was like planting a seed and a thank you to God for the blessing of a good crop.  I was also able, thanks to a very kind vision team member, to sponsor another child this time down there through a split sponsorship.  We got to meet him luckily on the same trip and he is a stud as well, he is in 5th grade and he is the top of his class.  He wanted to be a lawyer. And for a lot of the visit, we shared pictures with each other.  They have a beautiful family. The dad, again, was out working. But the mom was there with his two little sisters. I’m excited to go back in two years and see the two sponsored kids again!!

The people of Guatemala are amazing and so incredibly generous.  I wish I could live down there.  The stories we heard were tremendous and the work that Common Hope is doing is awe inspiring and changing lives both in Guatemala and around the world.  We get to literally see the world changing for the better down there and it’s a refreshing look to get.  May we SHINE our lights in the darkness and help ALL in need.


God bless,