Holy Moments

There’s a book I just read that’s called Holy Moments, although the book was unnecessary for something that could’ve been written in a blog post or an article, the idea behind it is great. Holy Moments are actually just what the rest of the world calls “Random Acts of Kindness” and let’s be honest with each other, acts of kindness would be awesome to throw out there and see what happens. You could literally change someone’s entire life with a simple smile. Go a step further and you could hold the door open for someone. The book talks about there always being “holy moments” you could take part of everywhere you go, and that’s true. Take some time today to act kindly to someone and see where it leads. Comment below if you wish or figure out another way to let me know, but it would be interesting to see what people do. I do the simple things like holding doors open, letting a car into my lane, or simply smile. As much as I think the book was a drag, it was a quick read and if you’re interested in reading, you should give it a read. But you have been warned, it’s repetitive and he does like to boast a bit about his life. Do something kind and watch the kindness grow…there’s still hope people, there has to be.


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