Ugly Rug

I work at a furniture store and I hang out with the people that set up displays in the store a lot. They often talk about how ugly a rug may look and ask me what I think. They asked me again about a rug on Tuesday and it brought up some thoughts in my head because I know that they could probably get it pulled and never shown on the floor again. There’s people out there who see things in life and say “That’s ugly”, no matter what that “thing” may be. The truth is though, someone could come into the store, see that “ugly rug” and be moved to tears. It could bring up a memory of their grandma’s or parents who maybe had the same sort of rug in their houses growing up and that memory could lead to more memories of their loved ones and so on. It doesn’t matter what we think, it could be ugly in our eyes but absolutely beautiful in someone else’s eyes. I hope to find the beauty in more things from now on…


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