I’m Weird

Most people I feel like do what they can to fit in and not stand out in the crowd. They try to be cool and popular… I’ll be honest, I tried this approach once too. It didn’t work. So, I am who I am and the way I figure it, if you don’t like the way I am, that’s your loss not mine. During my reviews at my job now, I am always told they wished I could act more professional and I tell them straight out, it’s not going to happen. I’d rather have fun at work and last time I tried “acting professional”, I turned into a very bitter person. Instead, I smile and I sing out loud and don’t really care who hears me. I’m a full-time custodian at a High School and when I’m singing, the guy who works with me will often tell me that a kid would look at me and smile or look at me weird…I just don’t care. I will sing to my hearts content and then, when I’m out of breath, I’ll sing some more. I make up most of my songs about my co-worker because quite honestly I don’t know the words to real songs haha. It’s an awesome life and I love to do it, and this year more kids are smiling at me and saying hi instead of pretending they don’t see me, so you’re welcome to all custodians for giving us a face. I’m weird and I don’t plan on changing….


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