Create Your Own Happiness

The world is a crazy place and I often find myself complaining about things at work and how we aren’t getting the help we need, which leads me to get more and more bitter. I can vent all I want and nothing will change and after venting for a few weeks, I realized I was getting out of hand and needed to change. So, I decided to just be happy with what I had, instead of focusing on what I don’t have and it has helped. I wrote down in my closet at my job ” Look for the positives in every situation” which is another good reminder for me to look for the positives instead of always focusing on the negatives, because every situation you have in your entire lives has a negative side to it. I would almost guarantee that to be true, even though I can’t promise it now. So, when you wake up the morning, choose to create your own happiness out of the situations that may come your way that day. I’ve found it helps so far in my life and I’ve been much happier in the days since I decided to make the change, and some of the situations are getting slightly better as well. Also, searching out the positive people to put into your life will help tremendously too if you haven’t done that already, the more positive people in your life the better your life will be in the long run. Take it from me, it only helps!!


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