One Dream.

I have one dream that stands above the rest of them. It is to have an overflowing funeral with people I have helped in one way or another. I hope some have come to know Jesus from my life, but as my life is going right now, I’m assuming that won’t happen sadly. I want there to be a celebration after a short sadness that might come from me not being alive anymore. I used to suffer from depression and in reality, I feel like I still have some of that depression still in me, because I really don’t think I have that much time left on this Earth. I try to make every moment count, but I fail more times than I care to think about. There’s so much negativity that is spread throughout our world, I’m sure there’s positive things that happen, but of course you never hear about any of that. It’s such a sad, sad world we live in.

There are some songs that fire me up, some songs that make me feel like I have wings again and that I can conquer the world. I wonder if anyone else has songs like that in their lives, I’m sure you do. I so badly want to change the world, and yet I keep doing stupid things that prevent me from succeeding at this task. My selfishness continues to hinder me in creating a better world, a more vibrant world of hope and love. When I was in middle school there were a few people I would call “Earth Angels” because they seemed to have such a positive impact on me during some of my dark moments. I think there are “Earth Angels” everywhere, but we never take the time to point them out when we see them, point out those people who are truly changing the world for the better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are reading this, comment below/email me/tweet me or whatever stories about these type of people in your own life. I would love to add them in this blog and let their stories be known.

One Dream. If my life doesn’t make it to much longer, I hope others will continue my dream, continue to get up and dust themselves off to become a better version of who they are and create a better world. We have it within each of us to do amazing things, we just need to believe.

Thank you and God bless.


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