I just read a post about how we are always using the line “well if I had this or that, than I’d be happy….” As soon as you get it though you look to the next big thing and aren’t happy until you get it.  Happiness, I’ve found so far, is a choice we make every single morning we wake up. Last school year I saw this play out in the ugly version, I expected more and thought I deserved more.  Because of this I grew bitter and angry and it took over my body to the point that it showed its ugly head at the beginning of this school year and the anger was unlike anything I experienced before. I did not like what I had become, so I made the choice to change it.  I realized it is never to late to change your thoughts, situations will continually show themselves and sometimes they are horrible, but your mindset is more powerful than any situation.  I decided to search for the joys in each day and focus on those and my year has been one of the best.


I’m not 100% happy and living the greatest life, or settling for anything…but I am happy with where God has me now and know fully that when he sees I’m ready for next journey he will open that door.  He continues to bless me although I constantly turn my back on him with my actions.  He gives me strength to get through each day and a smile that I can share with those around me.


Choose happiness. Choose joy.


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