The reason I started sponsoring kids was because I talked a lot about it in college and never followed through. So when I graduated, I decided to follow through and I picked each kid specially.  I picked Jonathan (Ecuador) first, I have a nephew named Jonathan, a friend who was in Ecuador at the time serving a medical mission trip, and he has the same birthday as me!!  My parents and I sponsor the other Jonathan from Guatemala because I go there every two years and we wanted to help in that way, plus I get to visit him when I go down there now!! Kevin was the last kid I sponsored, I signed up to sponsor him at a No Regrets Conference because he had 5 years left and I think his last sponsor had to back out of the sponsorship.  I figured I could pick it up and finish his sponsorship off :).

Jonathan | Ecuador | World Vision


Jonathan | Guatemala | Common Hope


Kevin | Guatemala | Compassion



"Don't forget to smile!"

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