Thanks for supporting the ministry

Here are a few different organizations I like to help:

> Common Hope
They have been the organization we help out when we are down in Guatemala and their success rates are awe inspiring.  From when they started the graduation rate was around 16% and now, 30 years later, it’s up to 60%.  Families can work “sweat equity hours” which means if they need a better home for themselves, they can work 50 hours to get a one room home and 100 hours for a two room home.  The Construction team at Common Hope are now working on a double bunk bed that folds up to become a table and two chairs, they will be rolling that out soon to test out different prototypes.  Any other information can be seen at the website above. I sponsor two kids currently through Common Hope and have traveled to Guatemala (soon to be) four times to help them in their efforts.

> World Vision
When I first started donating to things, World Vision was one of the first organizations that I gave too.  I liked them partly because 86% of the money goes to the programs they are running and not into some executives pockets.  I sponsor one kid through World Vision right now and would gladly sponsor more through them.


Thank you in advance for donating to the ministry!!