I have talked about sponsoring kids and helping others since college.  When I graduated, it was time for me to stop just talking about it and put it into action and so I went to World Vision and found my first child.  After that, my dad opened up the opportunity to go to Guatemala with part of a Vision Team from his Rotary Club and I jumped at it.  When we were down there we saw that they had a sponsorship program and we got to visit two kids that the club had sponsored and a couple in the club had sponsored and we decided we wanted to sponsor ourselves as well through the organization we were helping out down there called Common Hope.  Compassion has always been on my mind, but the sponsorship amount was always a little higher than I would’ve wanted to pay (as bad as that might sound I’m sorry), but when the opportunity came I decided to jump in.  He was my third and I thought final sponsored kid. But then I went down to Guatemala for the third time and I felt my heart tugging at me to sponsor a fourth.  I think the fourth was my last and I will keep four and when they graduate out of the program, I’ll replace them with new kids.  If I could sponsor them all I would, but I haven’t won the lottery jackpot quite yet. 

  • Jonathan – 8 years old, 4th grade, Ecuador (World Vision, $35/mo)
    He is a special one because he is the first.  He is special also because I picked him for extremely special reasons.  I picked a kid named Jonathan because one of my favorite nephews names is Jonathan. He has my same birthday and my best friend from college was in Ecuador at the time.
  • Jonathan – age, grade, Guatemala (Common Hope, $20/mo)
    My dad had said we would sponsor a kid after our first time down in Guatemala in 2014, it took two years for him to come through with this and we were finally able to pick out this stud!! We did it right before I went down to Guatemala the second time in 2016 and I have gotten to meet him TWICE now because we just got back from Guatemala in February of 2018. My parents and I share in the sponsorship.
  • Kevin Joel, age, grade, Guatemala (Compassion, $38/mo)
    I was at a Men’s conference in February a few years ago and was told about this young boy who was looking for a sponsor to finish off his time in the organization and I gladly signed up.
  • Josúe- age, Grade 5, Guatemala (Common Hope, $35/mo)
    When I was in Guatemala in February 2018, I decided I wanted to sponsor another child.  I only had one major problem, I knew I couldn’t afford the full sponsorship amount of $70 dollars or about that much. So, a generous member of our team said he would split the cost with me of $35 each and we’d go in together to sponsor a child.  I was excited and let our host know about it and she got back to me the next day with a boy who she thought was perfect for us and I agreed. We got to meet him in person with his mother and two sisters that next day and it was a great meeting!!
  • Child Survival Program (Compassion, $20/mo)
    This was done at the same Mens conference I went too, but it was the first time and might’ve actually been before I had my first sponsored child.  I love getting the letters from this particular sponsorship program because it’s from babies and mothers who survived the critical years.



(updated 3/1/2018)