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The Mind

I’m sure you already know the power of the mind. You could be in the worst possible day and with the simple “resetting the mindset” you’re the happiest person in the world. I find at work, I need to reset my mindset constantly.  Being a custodian often feels like being the scum on the bottom of the bucket and being a part-time custodians like being bacteria on that scum… But with the depression comes happiness and with that happiness you can shine even brighter.  I hope to move on someday to a “dream job” where I’ll make enough money to live comfortably and donate a large portion of it.  For now though, there are days when being a part-time custodian is a dream job, here are a few reasons why: you get to serve others, the money isn’t horrible, the hours are flexible, you get to help people be happier, you learn to listen and humble yourself.  I’m known as “the guy that can make things happen” which means I’m able to make a lot of people happy and feel appreciated.  They know they don’t need to fill out paperwork or wait for months when they come to me because I do everything in my power to help them ASAP.  Some people annoy and anger me to the point my blood is boiling, but if I reset my mind back to the reason I’m there in the first place, I’m as happy as a monkey eating bananas 😀 .  More than anything else in life, I want to glorify God and be Christ-like in my words and actions…Christ humbled himself to being a servant instead of a king, he made himself like us (except sinless) and so when I’m able to serve, I feel like he can work his strongest through me.

If you work at a place with custodians, you probably do, thank them! Even a simple smile can change their day! Thank you and may you always shine your light… 🔥🌟🌞⭐️🌠🎆🌄🌅🌇 (I ran out of light emojis haha)