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May we shine a little brighter every single day and help all those in need. May we never forget where we came from and why we are here on this Earth.  We often look inward instead of outward, focusing on ourselves instead of focusing on others around us.  I have failed this way more and more recently as the years have gone by.  I want to be go back to when I cared for others more than I cared about myself, back when I placed it ALL in God’s hands and if he failed at providing, I would be in major trouble.  I want to be a radiant Christian whose light shines into the darkness of the world and of life and lights it up like a blazing fire, so that the world may see the good and know that God is still on the move.

You are loved, there is hope and there is a light inside all of us…..please let it shine forth….

The Big Picture

Honestly, I’m struggling financially right now. I’m opening with that because I have a ministry fund and I was told I should use that money to pay off bills. Most people would think that was an awesome idea I’m guessing since I’m living paycheck to paycheck. But in reality, if you look at the bigger picture, if I used that money, I’d be in the same hole just deeper down because that money would all disappear fast as well.  A co-worker explained it to me like this: When you’re on a plane and there’s an emergency, the oxygen masks come down and what do they tell you to do? They tell you to take care of yourself first and then help any children around you.  Honestly, that just shows how bad we are these days.  If there’s a six year old child beside me in an airplane and those masks come down, I’d rather save his life rather than my own. I’ve lived a decent life already, he still has his whole life ahead of him.  Let’s say you’re a 90 year old grandma and those a 6 year old sitting next to you, to put it on yourself first is just foolish for the same reason as I pointed out above, you’ve lived a long life, if one of you is going to survive and the other isn’t, I’d rather the 6 year old survive.  It’s time we start looking at the big picture and not just worrying about the small things in life, but the big impact we can have on this world.  So, I challenge you to look at your life and switch to a bigger picture mode instead of a small picture mode. God bless and shine bright.

Bright Future

“My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the honeycomb is sweet to the taste.  In the same way, wisdom is sweet to your soul.  If you find it, you will have a bright future, and your hopes will not be cut short.” (Proverbs 24:13-14 NLT)

* Reading different verses in Proverbs today, the last sentence is what stuck out to me.  One of my recent hopes was cut short because I was hoping to have an interview for one of two full-time custodial jobs that opened up.  To my bitter sadness, I did not get an interview at all.  Recently, I have been doing two sections at work, and sometimes up to three on part-time hours and I’m about burned out.  Now, I get help in them most days, but there are a few days when I have to do two pretty much by myself in six hours, sometimes less time if there’s a game going on we need to clean up after. 

The fact that I have been doing all of this created a thought that I deserved AT LEAST an interview.  ((EXTRA NOTE: I take on everything that is thrown at me, or attempt to, so that (if I was ever replaced, let go) I wouldn’t leave thinking/wishing I did more or have any regrets.  I give it all of my energy and just pray that God would get the glory through it all))  I don’t deserve anything, God blesses me with what I need, not what I necessarily want all the time…

In the end, I won, my HOPE was greater than the position, my HOPE is to glorify God.  All I can pray for concerning this is that God take away the bitter feeling and allow me to use this opportunity to glorify Him *

QUESTION TO YOU: Has there been anything you have not received that you think you deserved, but after thinking about it, realized your real Hope was never really cut off?