Since I get money for my ministry in a number of different ways, I thought it would be nice to share what this money is exactly going for.  This page will house the descriptions of what I have done with the funds so that you can keep me accountable in that I am using these funds to help others.

August 13, 2018 – Steinhafel’s School Supply Drive
> Bought School supplies for kids in Milwaukee

April 23, 2019 – Common Hope Housing Campaign
> House
> Convertible Bunkbeds

October 15, 2019 – Common Hope
> House
> Pharmacy
> Tuition

November 29, 2019 – World Wildlife Fund
>  seven animal adoptions

December 9, 2019 – Southern Bluffs
> Donation to help teachers with different needs

December 20, 2019 – University of Wisconsin- Parkside
> Wherever needed most