It’s been fun adding TM to random things I make up. Like BarrelCam™, it’s where I put my phone in my barrel at work and take the audience for a ride while I work. Honestly if any of my ideas ever made it big, I should get some credit at least for them!!


BarrelCam™ is ©2017 MJS Productions haha


SammyLand, sadly it’s a real country haha, it used be called EarthLand I guess until they got annoyed by people for some reason and changed it, it literally makes no sense at all. If I could though I’d copyright and Trademark that name and make it into a cool theme park!!


SammyLand™   ©2017 SB Enterprises


Create something and dream big! Someday you’re silly idea could become reality, even if it’s not you putting it into reality and someone else reaping all the greatness from it! 🙂