A New Day

A new day has come
For you to shine
Get out of that slum
You were made to be mine

I gave you a hope
A future that’s bright
Go climb the slope
Soar to a new height

You were meant for more
Than you will ever realize
Get off the floor
Listen to the cries

There are people who need me
You will soon find out
You should go and set them free
Stand up and shout

Jesus Christ died for you
If the pain you only knew
He took upon your sins
So that in the end he would win

You’re life will be covered
By his sacrifice
A sinless lamb recovered
A son who paid the price

Look to the sky
And don’t forget his name
Don’t forget why
He took away your shame

A New Beginning

A new beginning
Will hopefully find you grinning
As we take the first steps into the new year
I hope that you find some cheer
Put the old thoughts into a box
And make sure it locks
As we learn from what went wrong before
We will surely soar
Higher than ever before
And we will see great new possibilities
That will put an end to our hostilities
So here’s to you, my friend
I’ll be with you to the end
Have a blessed New Year
And don’t forget I am always near

Into A World

I came into a world that had no room
Born of a virgin in her womb
I lived a life known to only a few
While other’s attempt to sue
Given time I can surely tell
You’ll be on a mountain top ready to yell
Bringing praise to my name
And not doing it for the fame
I gave you my best
So that you may finally rest
Your burdens were heavy and made you weak
The future for you was looking quite bleak
So here I am with my arms stretched wide
Crying out for you as I hung there and died
Now I live forevermore
Hoping that you will open up the door
Letting me into your life every day
Even though you may stray
I’ll help you through it all
Just as long as you don’t build a wall