Don’t Be A Spectator

I want to change the world, not just be another spectator.  There are people who just sit on the sidelines, watching as the world passes them by, ignoring the opportunities that are placed before them to change this world for the better and shine a light that the darkness will NEVER be able to extinguish.  The world needs heroes, it doesn’t need anything else.  Will you step up to the plate or will you just close your eyes and let it fly by?  There’s one goal in my life that’s been there for years, and that goal is to have a funeral that is overflowing with people that I have helped during my lifetime.  I hope and pray that people will see God when they look at me, because anything good you see in me, comes from Him.  As a human, I am scum, I am selfish, hateful, unforgiving, jealous, and a million other things, but as a Child of God, I am caring, hopeful, loving, forgiving, and anything else that is good within me.  Even while writing this post, I realize that I am all talk but no walk.  One thing I disliked the most in college was the thought of lukewarm Christians, those Christians who put on the nametag of “Christian” when it was helpful or when they needed to look a certain way to others, but we don’t need nametag Christians in this world, we need LIFESTYLE Christians, ones that are completely changed and just by them being in a room, you realize there’s something different about them. I’m turning into a nametag Christian, but I’m not giving up, I want to change this world.  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!


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