Student or Scholar

(I got this from faithlife study bibles “Connect The Testaments: A Daily Devotion” app on my iPad)

“We have certain expectations of who He should be for us, but we don’t think about how we should align our lives with Him.”  This daily devotion talked about Nicodemus and Jesus’ encounter.  The scholar (Nicodemus) quickly became the student and Jesus was quick to show him that he was not in a place to hold Jesus accountable.  It also talked about how we often approach God with off par expectations.

Some Questions to think about:
> Are you teachable?
> Do you approach God ready to learn and apply His words?

I personally want to be teachable, but I know I have a hard head when it comes down to the truth of it, I like things one way and don’t like change, I never have liked it.  I talk about wanting God to teach me to be strong and control the parts of my life that are very flawed, but when he gives me the opportunity, I throw it out the door.  I don’t usually approach him ready, I moreso approach God because I feel I have to most days. I feel I have to read the bible, pray a certain way and if he wishes it, I’ll get something good in my life.

It doesn’t work that way though, God is far far greater than any of us and who are we to expect something out of Him, he is the one who holds us in his righteous right hand and protects us from the troubles of this world.  We need to learn how to become teachable and approach God the way he deserves to be approached…


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