Speaking Up

(Taken from Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional, Faithlife Study Bible App)

The verse this one was on was John 4:27-42, which talks about The Disciples and the Harvest. Where Jesus talks to the Samaritan woman and tells her everything about her life and through her testimony, hundreds believe in Jesus Christ. Take some time to read that section right now, it is a steller chunk of scripture to chew on.

Alright, the devotional talks about a lot of cool things, I almost highlighted the entire section. Here are a few sections I enjoyed:

– “Because we convince ourselves that people won’t accept our testimony about God’s work in our lives, we’re not usually ready to share it.”
= This is very true in my life, I can give a testimony, but I’m not usually particularly ready to give it all the time. I attempt to show my testimony through the way I live, but that’s sometimes a cop out of sharing my faith.

– “Soon, staying silent becomes a way of life.”
= People often feel this way, they think their faith is personal and shouldn’t be shared even though it talks in the bible about proclaiming the Good News and sharing with people. I sometimes find myself keeping silent instead of speaking up when an opportunity arises though.

– “But we’re called to action. Our words have power, and not because of our own storytelling talent or our ability to tap into others’ emotions.”
= You may not know it, but your words really do have power, we don’t give God the credit he deserves. Even if we don’t “package” our words in the most elaborate of ways, God can use them to do powerful things in peoples lives. I’m not very good at wording things in the best ways, but God has used my words to change people and help them in various areas.

– “God can and will use your words to draw people to Him through His Spirit – perhaps without our even being aware of it.”
= This one hit me hard, I’m never aware of anything I do as far as faith goes. When I look at my life, I don’t see any “fruit” being produced (if you’re a non-Christian, this whole “fruit” talk makes no sense I’m sure, if you want me to try to explain it let me know) I feel like I’m a failure as far as my faith goes, but who knows… God may be doing big things through me that I am unaware of.

– “Like the disciples, we have to realize the urgency of the good news.”
= The Kingdom of God is near! We don’t realize the urgency of this task at hand, we don’t know when he is coming, but the urgency is very important to remember. We can’t sit down and wait for someone else to share and act, but we need to get on the “front lines” and act ourselves. The battle rages on around us, we need everyone in it!!

– “Verbalizing with humility, what God has done for us is an important part of faith. We shouldn’t shy away from it or doubt that He will use it to bring others to Himself.”
= Amen to that! It’s probably one of the most important parts of our faith. If no one ever shared their testimonies or what God is doing, no one would ever know!! Think about if the disciples and those who have paved the way before us never shared their faith, we would never have heard about the Good News and we’d be lost without it!!

– Do you speak to others about your faith?
– How can you begin telling others about the work God has done in you?


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